Our product ranges

Our brands


In essence Volys is our brand for the professional market: speciality businesses (butchers, caterers, sandwich bars...), commercial kitchens (food service) and the industrial market.


Dindesse is bacon as you've always known it, only from turkey. So it contains just 5% fat per 100 g, while normal bacon contains 20% on average.


Volibon is a Volys brand that covers quality poultry products for consumers. At present the brand is mainly found in the French and Belgian markets.

Private Label

Volys is a preferred and valued partner for many clients around the world. We take a proactive approach to Private Label and develop innovative concepts.

Our Packaging

1. Bulk units & multi-portion products

Bulk units are products suitable for further slicing or portioning by the professional user.

2. Bulk portion packs

Bulk portion packs are packs that contain portions destined for the professional user. The portions may be individually or bulk packaged.

3. Consumer packs

Consumer packs are packs that are destined to reach the end-consumer. These may be individual or family-sized portions.

4. Industrial packs

Industrial packs are extra large bulk portion packs.

Our Innovations

Volys keeps innovating


Succulent, tender and safe. Keep things nice and easy for yourself with ready cooked chicken and turkey products by Volys. Discover our BBQ products.


Dindesse is bacon as you've always known it, only from turkey. So it contains just 5% fat per 100 g. Discover Dindesse.

Pure Poultry

As its name suggests, Pure Poultry is pure poultry meat with nothing added. Discover Pure Poultry.

Our concepts



In essence Volys is a manufacturer of chilled products. Products in consumer packaging have a shelf-life of 14 to 30 days. Bulk units 42 days on average.


To extend the shelf-life of our chilled products for export we use HPP technology. The average shelf-life is 5 to 6 months.


Some culinary, breaded and bacon products are supplied frozen to extend the shelf-life. The average shelf-life is 9 to 12 months.