The Volibon brand is a guarantee of quality poultry products for the consumer. Volibon owes its success to a rich and diversified assortment.
Some of the products under this brand carry the halal label and are sold in the specialist halal retail environment in France.

Our products

Cold Cuts

The cold cuts under the Volibon brand also carry the Halal label, and the flavours are adapted to the taste preferences of the halal consumer

Breaded products

A delicious assortment of breaded consumer products under the Volibon brand is offered in the supermarkets.

Turkey Bacon

Volibon turkey bacon is a delicious alternative to bacon for the halal consumer. The Lardinettes are another sensation under the Volibon brand.

Our packaging

Cold Cuts

An attractive halal design on the pack allows for quick and easy identification on the supermarket shelf.
Volibon sliced cold cuts are supplied in 150 g packs.

Breaded Products

Volibon breaded products are highly appreciated and are supplied refrigerated on a tray of 2.

Turkey Bacon

Loyal consumers of Volibon turkey bacon value the Lardinettes for their versatility as a flavouring ingredient in many dishes. Packed in 150 g bags.