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We work for and with people. They’re behind every step taken by Volys. That's how we form great, long-lasting partnerships.

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At ‘our place’ you’ll find the most appetising ready meals, from cold cuts to culinary preparations. Our chicken and turkey products are so balanced that you’ll feel like walking a tightrope.

Here's how healthy Chicken & Turkey are

1. Protein bomb

Rich in protein, the building blocks for your muscles. Easy to digest, so perfect for a sports diet.

2. Low in Calories

Turkey is hands-down winner when it comes to calories. It's so lean that it’s streaks ahead of its little brother, chicken.

3. Vitamin boost

Chicken and turkey contain a cocktail of vitamins.

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Volys keeps innovating

Veggie by Volys

In response to the growing demand for plant-based proteins, we enthusiastically present our innovative vegetarian schnitzels.
Rich in protein and fibre and available in two versions: natural and cheese. Discover our Vegetarian Schnitzels.

Chicken-Vegetable Burger

The Chicken-Vegetable Burger combines the best of both worlds in one product. Texture, taste & protein of poultry with the colour, taste & fibre of vegetables. Discover our Chicken-Vegetable Burgers


Succulent, tender and safe. Keep things nice and easy for yourself with ready cooked chicken and turkey products by Volys. Discover our BBQ product

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‘Volys products are inspirational. You can rely on them as the basis for a healthy meal.'

Volys recipes

Our foodies got working on chicken and turkey and put a delicious twist on them. These recipes are seriously good.
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We believe in people. Whether they’re clients, suppliers, consumers or above all staff. If it wasn't for their skills, knowledge and endless enthusiasm we would be running around like headless chickens.


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