5 Good reasons to work at Volys

Don't give up

Behind Volys is a dynamic team of specialists, who do their utmost for our delicious products. Everyone plays a part in the ultimate result.

Go for it

We support and encourage our workers. At ‘our place’ we give you plenty of responsibility, but we expect you to be conscientious and thorough in your work.

Keep an open mind

We work in a goal-oriented and open culture with a healthy respect for consultation. Together we raise Volys to a higher level.

Feel good in yourself

We see to your welfare and well being, and provide a safe and healthy working environment. We give you the opportunity to develop and allow your talents to grow.

Have fun

It's a good atmosphere here. You fit in well with your colleagues, and that outstanding collective sense of responsibility comes into its own on our team activities.


     Please have a look at our Dutch page for any vacancies.