Advantages HPP

* A natural way of extending a product's shelf-life: no chemicals, no heat, no additives.

* Preserves the flavour, texture, appearance and nutritional value.



HPP gives refrigerated products a longer shelf-life with no loss in flavour, texture, appearance or nutritional value.


Bulk Cold Cuts

With HPP it is possible to extend the shelf-life of bulk cold cuts up to 6 months. This opens the way to exports outside Europe. In Europe the longer shelf-life offers the benefit of fewer losses through product expiry.

Consumer Cold Cuts

Volys markets a premium range of prepacked charcuterie products outside Europe under the Volys brand. These products are skin packed and then pasteurised using HDP technology. A high-quality cardboard sleeve assures a premium look and feel for the consumer, but labels can also be used. An HPP clean label assortment was recently added to this range: Pure Poultry by Volys. HPP applications under the private label are also available on request.

Bulk Turkey Bacon

Consumer Turkey Bacon


Volys introduced HPP technology in 2009 to preserve the cold cuts it exports to the Middle East. This was followed by exports to other continents. HPP products were also exported to Great Britain and other European countries as from 2012.