Chicken causes the least harm to the environment

Of all the meats, chicken is the most environment-friendly. One kilogram of chicken produces 6.8 kg of CO2. Red meat trails by a huge margin. A leg of lamb produces 51 kg of CO2, a steak 34 kg and a hamburger 16.8 kg.

How come?

Chicken and turkey have lower greenhouse gas emissions.
Their grain consumption is much lower than other animals’.
And poultry requires less water, land and energy to raise.
A fact about Chicken & Turkey

Turkey is an excellent source of vitamin D, which has a positive effect on our immune system and strengthens our natural resistance.

Here's how healthy chicken & turkey are

1. Protein bomb

Turkey and chicken are richer in proteins than other meats. These are the building blocks for your muscles (your whole body, in fact). They are also easy to digest, which makes them ideal for a sports diet.

2. Cholesterol control

Good news for anyone with high cholesterol! Chicken and turkey are ideal. Lean white fish is the only thing better.

3. Vitamin boost

The meat contains a cocktail of vitamins. Vitamin B3 (niacin) regulates the metabolism, vitamin B6 is great for the skin, vitamin B12 for a properly functioning nervous system and vitamin D for strong bones.

4. Low in Calories

Turkey is hands-down winner when it comes to calories. It's so lean that it’s streaks ahead of its little brother, chicken.

5. Source of minerals

Poultry is an excellent source of minerals and trace elements (these are also minerals, but they only occur in the body in small amounts). Both help to regulate the metabolism. A single portion contains phosphorus, selenium, calcium, potassium, zinc and iron: essential nutrients for the body.

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