In essence Volys is our brand for the professional market: speciality businesses, commercial kitchens (food service) and the industrial market.
The brand has a long history and is valued for its high standard of quality and exceptional customer service.
We are proud to say that our sales people maintain extremely close and loyal relations with many of our clients.

In distant export countries like the Middle East the Volys brand is synonymous with premium quality consumer products in a variety of supermarkets.

Our Products

Cold Cuts

As a specialist in chicken and turkey, Volys is highly regarded by professionals for its quality and innovations. With new forms, new flavours, new finishes, new packaging… Volys often is and always has been the pioneer when it comes to poultry. Turkey Ham, which Volys introduced to the European market and beyond, is a fine example of this.

Culinary preparations

What differentiates the Volys range from its market rivals is that fact that all the products are pre-cooked. This offers enormous advantages for the professional market in the shape of time savings, food safety, reliability, waste reduction, uniform quality… And, above all, the meat stays tender and succulent.

Breaded products

Breaded poultry products have retained all of their popularity. Volys has innovated in this area with the Donut and more recently with Chicken Crusties. The Turkey Schnitzel is yet another classic that continues to fare remarkably well.

Turkey Bacon

With its Lardinettes (bacon-like turkey strips) Volys was the first to offer a lean alternative to bacon. Naturally smoked and bursting with flavour, they’re a favourite with many caterers and kitchen chefs. And recently Volys launched a bulk unit of turkey breakfast bacon.

Our packaging

For professional users Volys supplies a variety of packaging:

- Bulk units & multi-portion products for the purpose of slicing and portioning cold cuts and preparations as you want them

- Large packs in bulk or in portions for culinary preparations, breaded products and turkey bacon

- Extra large bulk portion packs for industrial clients.