Think about food safety

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a delicious barbecue. A nice piece of meat, a glass of wine, the company of friends...

But these days we mustn't forget to keep the food safe. The sun may be glorious, but the hot summer temperatures can play havoc with our food, and so too our health. Bacteria multiply quickly outside the chilled environment of the refrigerator. If the meat isn't cooked through, the bacteria can leave you with food poisoning.

To prevent this, choose Volys. Ready cooked, our products are free of bacteria.
My smart choice

Nothing but Volys on the BBQ. These ready cooked chicken and turkey products are quick to make, succulent, deliciously tender and, above all, safe!

Volys BBQ Toppers

1. Begin with an Aprito

Let's begin at the beginning: the aperitif. And nothing goes better with an aperitif than the Aprito - a delicious, marinated chicken wing.
So nibble away...

2. Turkey Nugget starter

The Turkey Nugget is the finest part of the turkey thigh. Boneless, lightly seasoned with herbs de Provence and grilled. Can be served as a starter with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.

3. A BBQ snack? Try Chicken Oysters

Volys chicken Oysters: tender chicken, beautifully seasoned with herbs, grilled and vacuum cooked. Delicious in a wrap. Add coriander, cumin and turmeric for a Lebanese wrap.

4. A BBQ classic: the Turkey Leg

Do you love a Turkey Leg on the barbecue?  A beautiful piece of turkey thigh on the bone, in its skin, marinated in fine herbs and vacuum cooked. Heavenly with Cajun seasoning and a baked potato.

5. Summer salad with Oven-roasted Chicken Fillet

Like to keep things natural and healthy? Serve the Oven-roasted Chicken Fillet in a delicious summer salad with fregola and fresh summer vegetables such as peppers, cherry tomatoes and black olives.

6. Main to share: Chicken Roti by Volys

Enjoy carving your meat on the BBQ? The Chicken Roti by Volys may be what you are looking for: made from subtly seasoned, grilled pieces of chicken fillet, vacuum cooked with the skin on. Nice and easy!

Make it nice and easy for yourself

Food safety is one thing, but when cooking a tender, healthy dish on the barbecue you won't want to burn the meat.
We all know the story -  meat charred on the outside but raw in the middle. 
Products blackened when drips of fat ignite the coals.

Volys culinary poultry products are fully cooked and only require heating. The meat is ready, succulent and tender in next to no time. Burnt meat is a thing of the past.


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Recipes for the BBQ with chicken and turkey


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