Our products

Natural Chicken & Garden Herb Chicken

These Pure Poultry-products refine the chicken classics in our existing charcuterie programme. No allergens, phosphates, artificial colourings or flavour enhancers. HPP technology is used to achieve a longer shelf-life. We bring Belgian quality to the Middle East export market.

Natural Turkey, Garden Herb Turkey and Smoked Turkey

With its Turkey Ham Volys was the ultimate innovator in the 1970s. The innovative Pure Poultry version sets a new standard for this iconic product. The products have the natural flavour of turkey and retain all their vitamins and minerals. Smoking the turkey ham over beechwood enhances the natural flavour. A halal label is applied for export markets.
Pure Poultry

With the launch of a new ‘Pure Poultry by Volys’ concept we are putting into practice our role as market leader in the Middle East.

Our packagings

125 g consumer pack

All 5 varieties are offered in 125 g skin packs. The products are packaged in a new sleeve with a unique and very natural look and feel.

Sales pack 12 x 125 g

All 5 varieties come in distribution packs of 12. A handy display box allows for simple and attractive presentation on the supermarket shelf.

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