Halal products

Cold cuts

We have an extremely wide range of Halal charcuterie products. From the standard flavours (natural, garden herbs …) to more international and exotic flavours (Habanero, Peri Peri, Tikka …).

Culinary preparations and breaded products

A few of our best-selling Volys products are also available with a Halal label: Turkey Pavé, Turkey Burger, Chicken Fillet, Chicken Crusties … In view of the long distances involved these products are supplied frozen. This gives them a shelf-life of 8 to 10 months on average.

Turkey Rashers

An absolute sensation in the Halal range are the Turkey Rashers. These rashers are both delicious and lean, and lend themselves well to a variety of applications. Our Turkey Rashers are naturally smoked with beechwood and individually frozen to achieve maximum storage life (between 8 and 10 months on average).

Halal range

A wide range of Halal products identifiable by the Halal label and HFCE / HQC certified.

Halal packagings

Consumer packaging

In the Middle East Volys is highly appreciated by the end-user. There, our Halal products are known as a premium charcuterie brand and are available in most supermarkets. With our delicious products and quality packaging we are the market leaders and trend setters.

Bulk packaging

Our culinary preparations, breaded products and turkey rashers are largely destined for the professional market and for that reason are supplied in bulk packaging. Consumer packaging is available on request.

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