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Chicken Pesto Tapas

A delicious charcuterie product that goes well hot or cold with any tapas dish. Pure enjoyment on its own or with a dip. Chicken Pesto comes in a small-diameter (6 cm), 250 g sausage.

Chicken Apritos

Un classique absolu, aussi bien à l'apéritif que sur un plateau de tapas modernes. Les Volys Apritos sont délicieusement épicés et tendres. Très savoureux en soi, mais pour ceux qui veulent expérimenter, nous avons un certain nombre de recettes d’esprit uniques qui surprendront tout le monde.

Turkey meatballs

Our lean turkey meatballs are easily combinable with hot and cold sauces in a tapas dish. Simply heat them (our turkey meatballs are pre-cooked) and the job is done. Nice and easy.

Chicken Crusties

Yet another multifunctional product from Volys. Perfect when portioned out as part of a meal, but equally irresistible in a tapas dish. Deliciously crunchy and made from tender, pre-cooked chicken fillet.
Volys & Tapas

Volys products are perfect for an enjoyable and informal evening of tapas. Discover our new hot or cold charcuterie products: Chicken Pesto and Chicken Mediterranean.


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