Label brands

At its clients’ request Volys has already developed several ‘label' products for a variety of markets. Recent examples are the 1* (better life Label) and NSK (Nieuwe Standaard Kip: New Standard Chicken) label for the Dutch market. For other clients Volys adheres to client-specific specifications. Years of sourcing and chicken and turkey processing expertise allow Volys to satisfy a variety of customer requests.

Label brands

More and more ‘labels‘ are being created as a mark of quality or animal welfare. Volys makes active use of these and carries out a detailed study for every question it receives from a client. Raw material sourcing and production feasibility are important conditions to be satisfied by Label products.

The range of label products

Cold cuts

Volys has a wide range of cold cuts that satisfy conditions specific to a number of labels.

Breaded products

Volys satisfies customer requirements to produce breaded products based on specific raw materials and production conditions.

Are you interested in the concept?

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What about a project or custom product?

We co-create products and custom projects with our clients on a daily basis. Fill out the contact form and together we’ll develop a proposal.