Durability - Our 4 pillars

Based on respect for our people, society and nature, we endorse sustainable business operations built primarily around four pillars:
- Greener Packaging
- Responsible Supply
- Sustainable Operations
- Environmental Footprint

Greener Packaging

We anticipate the European Plastics Strategy 2030 and want to participate actively in a circular plastic economy before that date. We keep a close eye on the balance between shelf life and food waste. We let us guide solely by advice from experts.

Responsible Supply

Together with our suppliers, we actively work to reduce the incoming packaging materials from the purchased raw materials. Where possible, we make this circular or we look for specialized recyclers together. All purchased goods are subject to an investigation on criteria related to sustainable development.
Durability at Volys

We manage our company in a dynamic way with a lot of attention for quality and respect for our people, society and the nature in which we operate.

Sustainable Operations

We do not want to limit ourselves to the traditional collection points for recycling paper / cardboard, PMD, residual waste and glass. In addition, we collect redundant electronic material selectively for specialist recyclers. All our employees are motivated to contribute actively in avoiding waste in the first place and in sorting waste selectively where it occurs.

Environmental Footprint

We strive to reduce our ecological footprint permanently through smart interventions in the area of the use of electricity, water, gas, nitrogen, compressed air, etc.
We want to reduce water consumption, but we also want to actively recycle water and reuse it ourselves for various applications.

Theme We Care

Central theme in our policy is 'We Care':
We take care of our customers, our products, our employees, our suppliers, our society, our nature, ...
We always set different accents, but the overarching motive is We Care:

- We make it deliciously easy for our customers
- Our products are delicious, reliable and safe
- We give our employees responsibilities and room to develop
- Our suppliers are treated with mutual respect
- We provide our society with tasty, nutritious, balanced products
- Our nature is treated sustainably in our policy
- ...

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