Dinde de chez nous

Campaign logo

Turkey from ‘our place’ is the campaign logo under which we develop and market our turkey specialities. It is a tribute to the turkey, to the dedicated breeders and to the wonderfully delicious and healthy products that we are able to make from turkey.
Not just empty words

Volys is the only business in Benelux to guarantee that it raises and processes its own turkey meat.

Vertical integration


A subsidiary of the Versele-Laga group, one of Europe's largest animal feed producers, Volys has a turkey breeding programme which is run in accordance with the strictest quality standards. The animals are bred exclusively for Volys. At our place the turkeys are processed in a respectful manner to create high quality, delicious turkey products.

Vertical integration

Vertical integration guarantees:

- sustainable turkey farming
- respect for animal welfare
- integrated slaughterhouse and processing